"Call before you dig!" We've all heard it, but what exactly does it mean?

The law requires that anyone doing excavation must call their local "One Call" center before doing so. Our "One Call" System initiates locates for the primary public utilities in your area. Common examples include gas, power and phone lines from the local utility companies.
Montana One Call: Montana811.org

There may be more underground lines on your property or job site!

These lines are considered private utilities and you may be responsible for them. They include:
  • gas
  • power
  • telephone
  • communication
  • irrigation
  • water*
  • propane*
  • *with tracer
  • survey & pre-construction

Private utilities are generally anything "after the meter" or main line. Prime examples are parking lot lights, secondary electric lines, downstream gas lines and privately owned communication lines.
811 is not under contract to mark these lines.

It is not only unsafe to dig without locating these, but it can be quite costly to repair a line when it gets damaged. Protect your crew and your bottom line, we pick up where 811 leaves off.

With over 20 years of experience, our goal at Last Call Locating is to provide contractors, home owners, engineers and all other excavators peace of mind before they start a project. Whether you are located in Billings, MT or the greater surrounding area, give us a call for your utility locating needs.

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